The Lab

Work in progress: The Lab.

Our Learning Assistant Builder gives you complete control over building your own educational chatbot. A platform that ensures your chatbot will be great.
Intelligent chatbots guaranteed!

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Put on your lab coat!

Create your own digital learning assistants with The Lab, our chatbot development platform!


It's super quick! Answer the questions our platform asks you and a digital learning assistant will be ready for you in no time.


Coaching? Testing? Requesting feedback? You name it! Your digital learning assistant does it for you.

100% Guarantee

Because we use our knowledge of building good assistants for you, you can be 100% sure that your learning assistant works well, and solves your problem.


Get suggestions on how best to proceed. Learn by doing how good chatbots are made. Our philosophy is the foundation of The Lab:
Elke leerreis heeft een gesprek nodig!

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Can't wait for The Lab?

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