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Paving the way for education through intelligent conversational interfaces

We understand that a good learning conversation starts with a question.
"How do I do this?" "Why can't I do this?" "What can I improve?"
But often you don't get the right answer.
Or you don't get the right questions.
That's where Helpr comes in.
Helpr believes that conversational interfaces can automate learning conversations.
In this way, everyone has a suitable answer to their learning question, 24/7!

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Helpr originated from Fides Studiebegeleiding, an institute that helps children with learning disabilities.

Every day students came to us with the same question at different times. We were explaining the answer to "How do you calculate gravitational force?" 6 times a day. Erik Methorst, Remy Reurling and Jaap Koelewijn knew this could be done better and more efficient. That is why they founded Helpr.

Technical innovation to make education faster and more effective was the motivation to participate in the Accenture Innovation Awards in 2018. Helpr became runner-up between advanced start-ups and scale-ups.

Paving the way for education through intelligent conversational interfaces.

Now, educational publishers, governments and the business community know how to use Helpr's technology.

For various municipalities Helpr has developed 'Dean', a chatbot that in an entertaining and interactive conversation helps a student to find the right vocation and study. For companies and government institutions Helpr is used to transfer knowledge or learn various skills.

In this way, Helpr continues to push the limits of chatbot technology so that everyone can learn from them.

The team

Say hi to the team!

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Erik Methorst
Co-founder - AI Experimenter & Chatbot Developer/Improver

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Remy Reurling
Co-Founder - Educational psychologist - Educational Conversational Copywriter

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Jaap Koelewijn
Co-Founder - Managing Director - Marketeer

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Loes Knipscheer
Learning Design Copywriter

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Libby van den Besselaar
Learning Experience Designer

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Sil van Klinken
Front End Developer

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Study Skills Expert

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Job & Personality expert