How businesses benefit from educational chatbots

Talking points and innovations concerning education normally center around educational institutions such as schools or universities. We usually just throw education for businesses to the side as if it’s just an appendix. We at Helpr are no exception. I sometimes catch myself explaining how chatbots can help students, while talking about employees, oops! So start learning how businesses can benefit from educational chatbots.

The new age corporate world

The thing is that employee education is becoming more important than ever. Digital skills, personal competencies and lifelong learning are becoming core aspects of careers. This is reflected in the market size for global employee training: An estimated 440 billion dollars. And this will rise in the future, fast. However, businesses are struggling to keep up with current trends. Employee training is shifting from face to face education to online training. E-learning is becoming widespread and the need for personalized training is growing. Before the crisis, the EU estimated that around 7 in 10 adults need fundamental ICT skills. However, about 33% are at risk for a digital skill gap.

The problem with old-school E-learning

But there’s a problem with E-learning. Granted, you can use E-learning a fast way to educate your personnel and you can spread the same E-learning indefinitely. However, we have started making E-learning from a classic education standpoint used in schools and universities. Therefore E-learning can be standardized and static.

But when we’re training employees, the ‘equal opportunity’ mindset of standardization is detrimental to individual learning outcomes. We need to train the best employees we can. To manage this means to personalize content and to provide instant feedback. Something most E-learning isn’t up to snuff for.

The case for chatbots

And so we once again land on educational chatbots. Because chatbots can pick up the slack ‘regular’ E-learning leaves behind. They’ve already been touted as the ‘future of eLearning‘ and with good cause. Chatbots can bring interaction, personalization and direct feedback to existing online learning. They can easily be integrated in any platform or LMS. So they don’t replace E-learning. Rather, they strengthen it. Chatbots can instantly respond to answers employees give them. This increases self-efficacy, and that has already proven to be an effective tool to engage users and garner positive results. If a chatbot can increase university retention rate by 4-6% just by talking to users, imagine what it can do when used for a targeted purpose in a targeted group.

Existing bots and their practical applications

So how can we use these bots in practice? What are use cases for these bots? Here’s some inspiration:

  • Jesse & Avi the corporate training bots, by MobileCoach. These chatbots weave exercise into an employee’s day to seamlessly provide mini-trainings and coaching in the form of dialogue.
  • Need to learn a new language? Duolingo provides chatbots to train you in conversing in your target language.
  • Our own Helpr chatbots that can teach, coach, guide, engage and more!

Want to know more about Chatbots and their corporate training power? Contact us! We’re happy to help(r) you find your perfect solution.