Chatbots and the fight against the new Coronavirus.

All over the world the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) is keeping companies in a tight grip. Schools are closing, companies have their employees work at home and governments are struggling to keep up with the spread of the virus. As a result, many employees and many students are now working at home with mixed results. Because many institutes don’t have guidelines for this type of crisis, there’s a lack of direction. This results in many missed opportunities. But chatbots can help in this fight against the new Coronavirus. Learn how below.

So what do chatbots have to do with it?

Chatbots are the silent solution for this type of problem. Especially Educational chatbots can help tremendously. Imagine students that are sent home with no support whatsoever. They are told to ‘do their homework’ or ‘study for the exam’. However, students are not equipped to study at home for these amounts of time. To help these amounts of students be effective, you need large-scale support.

This is where chatbots come in. The benefits of chatbots for companies are widely known: They are automatic, scaleable, and modular enough to adapt to a strange situation like we’re in right now. Take for instance our skills chatbot STU. All the students sitting at home right now need support on how to cope with studying in an environment with many distractions for large amounts of time. STU can help all of these students at once with tips on how to avoid distractions. It can also teach them how to study effectively and how to plan for the coming weeks.

Our bots are keeping safe. Are you?

This concept can be broadened to any company. Need to set guidelines and have employees know and implement them? A chatbot can help you communicate to everyone at once. Need to teach people about the facts and fiction of the coronavirus? Have a chatbot tell them. Need something to help your students find the right study materials for them? Have a chatbot search curated sites for you.

Let’s think in possibilities instead of limitations. The coronavirus might have struck us, but we’ll win the war.