We’re making it possible for anyone to make their own educational chatbots.

Under construction: The Lab

At this very moment we are building the Lab, our Learning Assistant Builder. With The Lab you can make your own educational chatbots! We want give others the opportunity to create the same interactive learning journeys we do. We call it The Lab, a small wink to a great learning environment, where you’re free to experiment and great things can be achieved!

This is not just another chatbot platform. True to our roots, The Lab also educates users on how to build chatbots, with handy tips and tricks, templates, suggestions and the like! Therefore, anyone can make an educational chatbot. We have put our years of experience into making The Lab. We will put all our learnings into The Lab so you can freely experiment.

digital lab assistant builder

Chatbots made with The Lab are easy to integrate in E-Learnings, websites or apps. It provides free use of learning formats and it is hassle free. Making your own educational chatbots has never been easier! We aim to make it foolproof: no code required. However, if you want to code it yourself, feel free to do so! The Lab is open to experimentation.

We believe every learning journey needs a conversation. With The Lab anyone can create their own.

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