We make it possible for everyone to build their own educational chatbots!

Under construction: The LAB
We are currently building The Lab, our very own Learning Assistant Builder. With The Lab you can build your own educational chatbots! We want to give you the opportunity to create similar interactive learning paths just like we do, with our support. In The LAB you are free to experiment with different learning goals and paths towards them. Make your own content more interactive, dynamic and educational to activate your users!

The Lab is not just another chatbot platform like you’ve come across before. We stay true to our educational core, guiding users to build high-quality digital learning assistants. We give you tips and tricks, templates, suggestions and help you make the most of your educational chatbot with our dedicated customer service. We have put our years of experience into making The Lab. We’ll put all our lessons into The Lab, so you can experiment freely.

This photo shows our learning assistant builder chatbot

Chatbots built with The Lab are easy to integrate into e-learnings, websites or apps. Building educational chatbots has never been easier, with us you don’t need to know any code! Of course, we do offer you the possibility to further customise it to your liking. As mentioned before, in The Lab you can experiment freely.

We believe that every learning journey needs a conversation. With The Lab, everyone can create and achieve their own learning goals through conversation!


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