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Wat does our chatbot Nina do for ThiemeMeulenhoff?

Since early 2020 we have deployed Nina as a study coach whose main purpose was to guide students in their digital learning journey. During the epidemic, digital assistance became more vital than ever before. Virtual guidance helped students to reflect on how they were doing and feeling. First and foremost, Nina was utilized to help students with understanding and using various scientifically validated strategies to learn how to learn. Students are expected to know how to effectively learn albeit that these methods are not effectively taught at school.

Another core functionality that we added to Nina was the capacity to be used as an internal search engine within the platform. On the basis of the asked closed and open-ended questions, Nina is able to direct students to the appropriate exam products and material. The success of matching the students to the correct study products was enabled through the ‘content calendar’ which showed which exam products were necessary for the time of year and the upcoming tests and exams.

With one of our last updates, we have also given Nina the capacity to recognize returning visitors (completely anonymous of course). In that way she can start the conversation where Nina and the student left of last time, in turn, saving time and decreasing the frustration of the user. This functionality also gives Nina a personal feeling and reduces the necessary interactions to arrive at the intended learning goal.