Wat does Helpr do for Doortraining?

Doortraining is a B2B e-learning platform that specializes in sales, leadership, and client-focused training modules. They create professional video content and animation videos by smartly utilizing professional video trainers, content writers, and the video skills that their clientele possesses.

Helpr contributes to the improvement of the user experience of Doortraining by incorporating our innovative LearnFlow platform. Our software is geared towards reaping the best results from blended learning techniques. Blended learning entails using a combination of face-to-face training sessions with a number of supplementary e-learning sessions. The digital lessons build upon the material discussed in the physical class to create a holistic learning experience. The role of our educational chatbot is to create interactive and dynamic videos that reiterate the previous learning goals and examine and test the current learning goals while plotting road mapping future objectives. All of the answers that users fill in are stored in our database and visualized with our insightful dashboards which allows Doortraining to understand how engaged their users are.

Wat do we do for Leaseplan?

For LeasePlan, the worldwide market leader in fleet management, Helpr has helped them minimize the risks of injuries and damages in work-related accidents in their fleet. We have contributed to this success by deploying Max, our educational chatbot that is embedded in the online video training environment of Leaseplan.

Based on the online courses within the ‘My Leaseplan app’ environment, the interactive coach Max asks a mixture of open and closed-ended questions to ensure that the learning material is remembered. It has been scientifically proven that information retention is significantly improved with the use of Conversational Learning software that actively engages users in comparison to passively watching static video training material.

What do we do for Stint?

Stint is a retailer that sells electrical cargo bikes that are designed to efficiently transport children from home to daycare or from school to after-school care. They sell the BSO bus, a modern and trendy cargo bike that is efficient and fast. However, it does require the necessary safety protocols and guidance. That is why Helpr has coupled our Conversational Learning AI with the safety instruction videos of Stint to minimize the risks of accidents happening.