What does Helpr do for the municipality of Groot-Amsterdam

Dean helps students with making thoughtful and smart study program-related decisions. The reasoning behind which academic trajectory a student will take is often not well thought out and can have negative consequences on both the student’s happiness and the workforce gap. With Dean, we are able to combine students’ interests, their geographical mobility with job opportunities. With our custom chatbot, we are able to analyze potential follow-up studies. Dean does not only use the learning experiences that are derived from contact with the student but also integrates the input of the personality test from Job personality to arrive at the best fit and most relevant jobs for the student.

Dean possesses knowledge of more than 500 recognized intermediate vocational educations in the Netherlands and Dean knows of almost 9000 schools spread out across all of The Netherlands and acknowledges over 1250 formally recognized professions that are coupled to those schools. Next to this, Dean is also programmed with the capacity for sentiment analysis. This entails that he can accurately predict when a student is interested in one of Deans’ proposed studies. When the student is excited to follow a particular academic trajectory, Dean matches the student’s geographical location and finds the most suitable school in the vicinity. An amazing feature that we have added to our educational chatbot is that it can even book an open day in the students’ calendar by clicking on a link. Additional features that we have added to Dean are questions about study financing, how public transport in The Netherland works, and other frequently asked questions. Dean has been a great success and an indispensable part of the transformation of students into worthy workers in the workforce.