Inspire your colleagues and help them grow!

Automate learning conversations and use our Learning Assistants to induct new employees, teach company guidelines, improve your e-learning and grow your workforce.

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Save valuable time and money.

Using the Helpr platform will help you automate learning conversations. Our chatbots are there for your business, wherever and whenever you want. This will help you reduce the cost of in-service training, e-learning, onboarding and aftercare.

In fact, our educational chatbots can explain all kinds of concepts; from corporate guidelines to new ways of working. If your people need to learn something, our chatbots can!

Plus, they are available 24/7. Your employees don’t have to wait for answers. Your coaches don’t have to be available as much. Everyone can get back to work as efficiently as possible. They get their information exactly on time, at their convenience.

Our bots work on your website, CMS, e-learning systems or even cell phones. This ensures that they can work anytime, anywhere.

The process is simple. First, we have a preliminary meeting. Then Helpr will collect the necessary data. Helpr will build the chatbot for you and we will implement it in the platform of your choice. And then we’re done! You now have your own educational chatbot for your business.

See below what our educational chatbots can do for you!

How our chatbots improve education.

Step-by-step explanation

Our chatbots explain the material in a clear and easy way. Step-by-step, 24/7, just in time & just enough.

We provide insight

We store all kinds of conversation data. That way we keep track of what is being asked. The chatbot makes itself smarter and also gives insights into what processes in the company could be better!

Always available

Our chatbots don't get tired. They don't need to eat, they don't need to go to the bathroom. They are available 24/7 to provide explanations and answers.


Our chatbots learn on their own. If you have new content it learns that in no time. Are there changes the chatbot needs to communicate? Fine! They can do this at lightning speed.

Want to know how we build a chatbot for you?

Check out how our 4-step process works below!

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