Custom bots in het kort

Do you have a difficult learning challenge or are your needs too complex to be satisfied with a simple chatbot? Let us help you. Our team will design the most effective conversations, tailored to your needs and wishes.. You explain your learning challenge to us – we identify your needs, make a prototype, start building and make your chatbot as cool as it can be. Our team consists of experienced educational designers who know what your chatbot has to be able to do in order to satisfy your needs. Check out how the process works and start right away!

Advantages of custom bots

Coach your users

Learning is not just reading and testing. Your users need to be addressed properly, stimulated, coached and feel supported. Chatbots can do all of this, while standard e-learnings can’t.

Chatbots react to each step of the learning process right as it happens. This means that coaching and support can also be adapted right at that moment. From a nudge in a specific direction to a slightly different or fully adapted explanation.

Ask your users what they want

You are no longer stuck with just multiple choice questions. Ask open questions, reflective questions or ask your users what they think. In short: Ask what you really want to know!

Get real insight

Chatbots don’t just save numbers. They can save every answer a user gives. This means that you can get real insight into the learning process of your users. Where are they at? What do they think? What do they struggle with? Everything can be saved and used!

Be in direct contact with your users

A conversation goes fast – one person speaks and the other reacts to that instantly. With chat this is no different. The learning feels streamlined and it’s fast and efficient for your users because they are constantly prompted to react.. Once you start with a training, you want to finish it without stopping!


This is how Helpr creates your custom bot

In Dutch or English

Wij hebben een voorbespreking

  We komen er samen achter wat de chatbot allemaal nodig heeft om je te helpen met je casus. We proberen te komen tot een concreet prototype zodat je precies weet wat de chatbot kan

We versturen een offerte en planning

  We weten precies wat de chatbot nodig heeft om je te helpen. We maken een offerte en bakenen de scope van de chatbot af. We sturen een planning zodat je meteen weet wanneer je bot online is!

Wij gaan aan het werk!

Ons team gaat aan de slag om de best mogelijke chatbot voor je te maken. We maken de chat , het chatscherm en alle programmering in orde zodat je chatbot helemaal klaar is om je gebruikers te helpen. We bouwen de beste chatbot mogelijk voor je casus. We updaten je constant over het proces zodat je feedback kan leveren op de chatbot. Zo weet je dat je chatbot de hoogste kwaliteit heeft. Dit duurt normaalgesproken een

Even wachten ….

En de chatbot is klaar voor gebruik!

En de chatbot is klaar voor gebruik!

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