Customized educational chatbots for any learning journey

Save time and money on your educational processes while improving the learning paths of your students or colleagues!

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Use Cases


Let your students, customers or employees learn in steps, understand processes, ask questions, create tests and more!

Primary / Secondary Education

Do you have students who need to learn frequently requested topics such as grammar, formulas or rules? No problem!


How much time does an experienced employee spend onboarding new employees? Wanna bet a chatbot makes that easier?

…And any other learning question!

Do you have a different use case? Contact us without any obligation to buy! We'll be happy to help you crystallize your thoughts!

Examples of previously built custom chatbots

Study skills assistant custom chatbot
Stu – Study Skills Assistant

STU teaches study skills to everyone. It improves learning outcomes, reduces stress, tests its users and collects all kinds of useful data! A real jack-of-all-trades.

Custom chatbot
Dean – The Study Choice chatbot

Dean knows work and studies. You can contact him for all your questions about education: He will find out which profession you like, where you can study for it and even plan an open day for you!

How it works

This is how Helpr creates an educational chatbot for you. In Dutch or in English!

  1. We have a preliminary meeting.

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    Together we will find out what the chatbot needs to help you with your case. We try to come up with a concrete example dialogue so you know exactly what the chatbot can do!

  2. We send you an offer and a project planning

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    We know exactly what the chatbot needs to help you. We'll create a Statement of Work and send an offer!

  3. We get to work!

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    We build the best chatbot possible for your case. We constantly update you on the process so you can provide feedback on the chatbot. That way you know your chatbot is of the highest quality. This normally takes a month, but if there's a rush we can have the chatbot working on your site or platform within two weeks.

  4. And… chatbot is ready!

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    Together, we make sure your chatbot feels at home in the environment you want to put him in. And then he educates your users…. exciting! We'll keep updating you on how to use the chatbot and make improvements for you. Easy enough!

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Sounds good?

Contact us for more information. Remember: No obligations!

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