Find your dream study in one conversation

The clever educational chatbot Dean helps students with picking their academic trajectory and finding the job they like, in just one conversation!

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Dean for Groot-Amsterdam

Dean has been deployed in the entire municipality region of Amsterdam.
Joining the educational digital change is simple!
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We have developed Dean in cooperation with the municipality of Diemen.
Combining our knowledge of chatbots and education together with the practical know-how of Diemen, allowed us to tackle long-term problems that students have had in the past: not knowing what study to follow. Dean is built to help students from not having a clue where to start, to finding a fitting course in just one conversation.

Free student advice for VMBO

Help your students by using Dean. We match students with follow up courses after highschool. We do that with such an efficiency that we are able to reduce the drop-out cost and time investment substantially for the MBO’s in The Netherlands.

Quality conversations with MBO students

The feedback that we receive from students is shared to the municipalities we work with. Insightful info graphics help them close the gap in the workforce by finding trends with regards to which studies students are drawn towards. Schools can use this knowledge to start conversations with student through Dean and can finetune there curriculum.

How Dean works

The entire process in a few simple steps

  1. 1
    Do the validated personality test

    Students first have to do the personality test developed by our partner JobPersonality.

  2. 2
    Choose your profession

    Dean shows you professions based on your personality test results and your interests. Dean can show you videos and give you all kinds of information.

  3. 3
    Pick a study / vocational education

    Dean tells you where and what you can study for to develop yourself in your chosen profession. He can give you the location, open days, extra information and even put appointments in your agenda!

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Wat does Dean do?

Dean combines an enormous amount of data and tests. In the past students had to scour the internet to find out what they want to be when they grow up. But now they can find that out in 1 conversation with Dean!
As previously mentioned, Dean first gives you a personality test, then the results are matched with over 8800+ accredited professions and studies in The Netherlands.

After finishing the test, the user is handed a number of well-suited professions from Dean. After the student has made a choice, Dean gives out all the information concerning the study that you can follow to reach the desired profession.

Dean goes deeper than other tools. Because he can instantaneously switch between software features, he is able to check which open days are available between all the schools in The Netherlands and can match that based on the students geographical location. Dean is also able to mail the school for you, give you a link to sign yourself up for the open day and he can even put the appointment in your agenda!

Do you want to try out Dean? Try out the live versions we built for the Municipalities of Diemen or the UWV! (Only in Dutch)

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