Custom made Educational Chatbots for any Learning Journey.

Save time and money on your educational processes and enhance learnings at the same time. Upgrade your e-learnings or create new learning experiences

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Use Cases


Have your students learn skills, steps, things, ideas... anywhere, anytime!

Primary/Secondary Education

Got students who have to learn something repetitive like grammar, writing or research steps? No worries, let our bots cover that for you.


How long does an experienced employee take time out of his day to educate newly acquired employees? We bet our bots make that a lot easier!

...and any other learning journey!

Do you have a clear use case in your mind? Get in touch! We'll grind our gears for you.

Here's how it works

This is how Helpr can make you a custom made bot for any educational purpose, in Dutch or in English!

  1. We have a preliminary meeting

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    We'll figure out what the bot needs to help you in your learning design. Together we determine what we'll need and what can be accomplished

  2. We'll send you a pricing offer and project plan

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    We've determined what the bot needs to function and how we'll get there. We determine the price and send you the offer.

  3. We get to work!

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    We'll build you the best bot we can offer. We'll periodically update you on the process and where it stands, so you can provide feedback and be sure your bot is of the highest quality.
    This typically takes a month.

  4. Ding Dong, chatbot's ready!

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    We'll work together to integrate the chatbot into your preferred channel. The bot will now start educating your users. Exciting! We'll monitor it's progress and improve it along the way.

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