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Make learning Interactive, Adaptive & Activating

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Helpr makes learning…


Challenge users and automate learning moments in an interactive and insightful way.

A Continuous process of improvement

Learn from your users using our learning analytics dashboard. This way, every learning journey is optimized.

A Conversation

Learning starts with asking questions, testing knowledge and stimulating the brain. Helpr creates and automates those conversations!

An experience

Our conversational copywriters turn every learning goal into an innovative and challenging learning journey!


A conversation involves the users and invites them to participate which creates an even higher learning efficiency!


No conversation is linear. Our learning conversations adapt to the input of each user.

Conversational learning for everyone

Let our conversational copywriters translate your learning goals into learning conversations that your users will never forget. Integrate our API directly into your LMS, website or ELO.

Want to know what conversational learning can mean for your organization and E-learnings?

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Create Virtual Learning Assistants in The LAB

No programming knowledge required. Anyone can do this!

The LAB in four steps

  • Choose your training video and think of the learning goals.
  • Enter questions and answers and personalize your chatbot.
  • Launch your chatbot!
  • Gain more insight into the learning process of your users

Discover conversational learning

Make your training sessions more interactive and effective with a chatbot.

Tailored to your specific wishes.

People who have learned from our chatbots
Interactions with our chatbots
Instruction costs saved
Learning conversations automated


This application can be used for both studying in the classroom & while the students are working/studying from home. Students will get an answer “just in time”. the student doesn’t have to wait for the teacher to respond. As a big relief for the teachers. As the frequently asked questions are responded to automatically.

Wilfred Rubens


With the resault of of the chatbot dialogue, the youth can directly register for an open day together with their parents and/or supervisor. We as municipalities hope that this preventive solution will decrease the wide gap between education and labor market.

Martijn Alderse Baas

Gemeente Diemen

Our 2 year collaboration has resulted in chatbots whom which are dedicated to education that work really well and deliver learning gains. In the coming years we will continue the collaboration with Helpr to support teachers and students with effective and innovative learning solutions

Harry Rorije,

Hogeschool Utrecht

Helpr offers something unique. A Conversational Learning Chatbot. Which is applicable on a wider set of audience. It not only informs the users, but also activates the users.

Frederique de Roos


Our strategy is relevance. Thanks to data from chatbot Nina, students experience as little exam stress as possible

Sjanne de Haan



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