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Chatbots for Education

Because every Learning journey needs a conversation

Helpr automates learning conversations with intelligent chatbots. Increase reach, automate learning conversations and save valuable time. Our education experts develop your chatbot, so you can spend your time doing what you love most: Teaching!

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What our educational chatbots can do for you

Save time

Every question our chatbot answers is a question you don't have to answer yourself.

Smart education

Practice conversation skills, writing skills and/or learning (study) skills with our chatbots. Automate learning conversations and really add something to your education!

Learning Analytics

See what questions your students are asking, gather feedback, and improve your service with the information our chatbots continuously collect!

Our Partners

Gemeente Amstelveen
Gemeente Diemen
Hogeschool Utrecht
Startup in Residence
Gemeente Aalsmeer
AM match
Gemeente Amsterdam
Gemeente Haarlemmermeer
Gemeente Ouder-Amstel
Gemeente De Ronde Venen
Gemeente Uithoorn
WSP Groot Amsterdam

The benefits of Helpr

We are educational experts.

Helpr comes from the world of education. Our frustration with time constraints and how often questions are repeated brought us to the idea of educational chatbots. Our bots have one goal: To make education ever better and more engaging! And because of our partnership with Leer.Tips, everything we do is scientifically based!

We'll build it for you.

Ever tried to make your own chatbot? Many hours of toil to make your chatbot and the result? …meh. We know. We had that too. That's why we build it for you. With our own chatbot system, we are here for educational institutions, coaches, education experts and more! Check here what we can do for you !

API & Chat UI

Our chatbots are not picky. Use our ready-made and customizable chat UI or integrate our chatbots into your own system with our API! In addition, the build the chatbots on a system that is entirely proprietary. No third parties interfering!

No hassle

Creating your own chatbots takes a lot of time. And you have no idea if your bot will eventually work. We know what needs to be done. We have been building chatbots for many years. Save time and money and let us automate the learning conversation.

Experts in learning

We come from the world of education. That's why we have a unique combination of knowledge in-house, we know all about chatbots and education and combine the two effortlessly! Do you have an educational problem? We can think along with you!

A solution for every learning question

Do your students need to learn a particular skill? Sure! Want a mini-me to take care of questions you often have to answer? We'll help you out! Do you have a completely different scenario? Challenge us, we'll surprise you with refreshing ideas!

Our Products

STU standing in a classroom
Stu - Study Skills Assistant

STU teaches study skills to everyone. It improves learning outcomes, reduces stress, tests its users and collects all kinds of useful data! A real jack-of-all-trades.

Available in Dutch and English.

Custom Made Chatbots

Do you want to improve your course?
Do you want to be available to students 24/7?
Do you want to be able to handle all kinds of learning questions?
We create the perfect learning assistant for your scenario. Available in Dutch and English.

Dean standing in an office space
Dean - The Study Choice chatbot

Dean knows work and studies. You can contact him for all your questions about education: He will find out which profession you like, where you can study for it and even plan an open day for you!

Available in Dutch and English.

What our partners say about us.

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This application can be used while the student is studying at home, or in class. Students receive an answer "just in time. The student does not have to wait for the teacher to answer a question. Teachers are also relieved because frequently asked questions can be answered automatically.

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With the results of the chatbot dialogue, young people can directly register for an open day together with their parent(s) or supervisor. As a municipality, we hope that this preventive solution contributes to reducing the mismatch between education and the labor market.

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Our 2-year collaboration has resulted in chatbots dedicated to education that work really well and deliver learning gains. In the coming years, we will continue to collaborate with Helpr to support teachers and students with effective and innovative learning solutions.