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Educating the world through intelligent conversational interfaces is quite the mission. Helpr believes this is entirely possible. But what’s the battle plan?


We started by completely developing our own chatbot system, or “intelligent conversational interface” as we’d rather like to call it.

We are truly convinced that a learning conversation is completely different from a customer service conversation. The journey to an answer is sometimes more important than the answer itself. In a learning conversation, the learner doesn’t just ask questions. They receive questions as well. During the conversation, some subjects need extra explanation. A good educational conversation includes rewards and nudges. All these techniques are based on scientific research and extensive experience in practice.

That’s why we build the Helpr conversational system, to create these crazy complex conversations, that help people learn and grow.

The journey to an answer is sometimes more important than the answer itself.


We have a background in education. For years we have been helping children with learning disabilities. Thus, we’ve used many different best practices to help these children. We didn’t back off until the problem was solved. This helps us to understand every possible learning journey that our clients want to create. We do not just make, we create.

Content = king

(but when its not available, we create it ourselves )

So how do our chatbots enhance conversations? Just like in real life! Take for instance our chatbot STU. STU uses animated videos, GIFs, pdfs and cool pictures to explain a lot of the material. Of course, this needs to be tailored to the specific use case or client. However, when there is no such thing available, we make it. Easy!

Chatbots are able to educate. We are proving that every single day. That’s why we believe in our mission: Educating the world through intelligent conversational interfaces!


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