Sit back & engage

To really learn from videos, you want to encourage reflection, analysis and contemplation. In other words, a conversation must take place during the video.

Videos are a favorite tool for learning. Sit back & relax. But then again, they’re not always better than reading. We know that actively engaging with learning material is important to remember the material. But videos, in particular, can’t do this. It is a passive medium. Again, it’s easy: Sit back, relax and watch a video. Solutions to this can be found: Let the user make assignments about the video when they are finished, for example. But that is after the video. That’s not a guarantee that someone will actually pay attention during the video…

A better alternative is to have someone do something during the video, so that people actually pay attention. That’s where interactive video comes in. It allows you to interact with the material, making you learn more. There are already strong examples of interactive videos. Just look at Police vlogger Jan-Willem who puts the viewer in the shoes of a police officer. Or this video that teaches you something about how neurons work. But something is still missing.

To really learn from videos, you need more than just a click; you want to get people thinking, analyzing and reflecting. But this won’t happen if the right questions aren’t asked. There needs to be a conversation during the video.

Create engagement with conversational videos
Helpr’s virtual coaches understand the user and can customize their answers, making them perfect for enhancing any video instruction. You can ask questions to the chatbot so it shows you the right solution. You can provide answers to questions that the chatbot asks you so that the instructional creator also knows what the student/teacher learned from the video. The chatbot can offer you the right video snippets based on the user’s learning level or even run tests to test the user’s knowledge!

In short, chatbots are the godfather for video instruction. In other words, a botfather. The chatbot performs all the tasks that take learning with videos to the next-level. For ProDrive, we already create conversational videos where users are challenged by virtual coach Max.

Want to update old videos, increase learning return on existing videos, or create engagement and learning return for new videos?

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