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Meet STU: Our Skills Tutoring Unit. He'll teach you anything about study efficacy and efficiency.
All the skills STU knows are scientifically proven to be effective.
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So what does STU do?

STU uses a combination of step-wise instruction and all kinds of teaching tools to educate the user on studying skills.

The moment you start chatting with it you can either:

  • Ask for a studying skill directly.
  • Make a test and get personal advice and recommendations for studying skills.
  • Just pick a studying skill from its suggestions.

The moment you’ve selected your studying skill, STU will explain it to you in simple steps. He’ll use all kinds of media such as images, videos, animations and exercises to elaborate!


Leer.Tips is the premier Dutch resource to research scientifically proven learning tips. STU uses these sources in practice to teach your students how to study. This way you’re sure of the efficacy of the things STU explains!

Explanation in steps

STU isn’t just a Q&A bot. It will guide the user through the process of learning a studying skill. This means the user responds to its questions and does the exercises it gives them. Therefore STU has a multi-turn conversation with users that makes learning stick.

Thus, the bot will interpret all kinds of input. It’ll try to keep the users engaged by asking them to recap the explanation up to now or test them with a question. This means it truly is a chatbot for skills learning, instead of a run-of-the-mill Q&A bot.

Proven learning techniques

STU has learned from research into learning techniques. This way he’s learned what techniques can be best used in a conversation.

For instance, he’ll use the testing effect to make learning last.

He’ll use teacher immediacy to connect with the user so the user will learn easier.

STU will also use scaffolding to gauge the user’s learning level. Not only that, he’ll take into account the user’s learning preferences and much more!

The Skills STU teaches

These regularly update. Stay tuned!

Learning Strategies

Summarizing, Mindmapping, using Flashcards, Mnemonics, Reading strategies and more!

Mental Strategies

Dealing with anxiety and study stress, preparing for the test, dealing with procrastination.

Interpersonal Skills

Working in a team, communicating, presenting and giving feedback.

Test Strategies

How to effectively make a multiple choice or open ended test. How to answer questions.

Planning Strategies

Planning long-term, short-term, weekly and daily planning and how to stick to them.

Emotional Skills

How to deal with changes, bad grades, pressure and more.

Usable in any situation

Whether you have students that have to learn studying skills, employees that have to study for a course (for example during e-learning), or if you need a refresher yourself...
STU is able to help. Anywhere, anytime.


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