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Meet STU: our Skills Tutoring Unit. He can tell you all about study skills and effective learning!
With scientifically proven learning techniques, STU's explanations work for everyone!
Available in Dutch and English.

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So what exactly does STU do?

stu skills assistant train random skills

STU uses a combination of step-by-step instruction and a variety of learning tools to teach the user study skills.

When you chat with STU you can:

  • Directly ask about virtually any study skill.
  • Take a test to get a personalized learning plan.
  • Choose one of the study skills from his suggestions.

The moment you have selected your study skill, STU will explain it to you in simple steps. He uses all kinds of media such as images, videos, animations and exercises to work it out together!


In collaboration with Leer.Tips, every study skill explained by Stu has a well-founded scientific basis. So you can be sure that everything Stu explains really works!

Explanation in steps

STU is not just a question and answer bot. It guides the user through the process of learning a study skill. This means that the user responds to its questions and does the exercises it is given. Therefore, STU is a real coach, making what is learned really become a habit.

This is how the bot will interpret input. It will try to give users commands, asking them to summarize the explanation so far or testing them with a question. This means that it is really a chatbot with which to learn, rather than an everyday question-and-answer bot.

Proven learning techniques

STU has learned from research on learning techniques. For example, he has learned which techniques are best used in a conversation.

As an example, he uses the testing effect to his advantage to get users to memorize study skills.

He uses the principles of teacher immediacy to make a connection with the user. Thus, the user is more likely to accept what the chatbot says.

STU also uses scaffolding to determine the level of the user. It will also check how the user prefers to learn and much more!

The skills STU teaches you

STU can explain more skills than we can put here…. Experience it for yourself with a demo!

Learning strategies

Summarizing, mind mapping, using flashcards, mnemonics, reading strategies and more!

Mental Strategies

Dealing with test anxiety and stress, preparing for tests, fighting procrastination, motivating yourself and more!

Interpersonal skills

Working in a team, communicating effectively, presenting, giving and receiving feedback.

Test Strategies

How do you effectively create multiple choice tests and open question tests and what do you do during the test?

Plan strategies

Short and long term planning, daily schedules and how to stick to your schedule.

Emotion regulation

Dealing with change, study pressure, bad grades and more.

Usable in any situation

Whether you have students who need to learn how to study, employees who need to study for a course (e.g. during an e-learning), or if you need a refresher yourself…
STU can help. Anywhere, anytime.


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