Create your own Virtual Learning Assistant

The LAB makes it possible for everyone to build their own educational conversations. It is really easy: answer the questions in the LAB, style your Virtual Learning Assistant however you want and you’re ready to launch your chatbot on your own website!

Because of our experience in creating digital educational conversations we know what works best. This way we will ensure that you get the best Virtual Learning Assistant that you can get. Start now with creating your own bot, success guaranteed!

How does the LAB work?


Choose your training video and add your learning goals

You can add an already existing video (for example from youtube or vimeo) or create your own video. Pick the learning goals that you want your users to achieve.


Personalize your Learning Assistant and add questions and answers

Personalize your Learning Assistant with a name, avatar, greeting and ending. Add the video your users need to watch. Put in the questions and answers that you want to use. The questions can be open or multiple choice.


Launch your chatbot

Satisfied? Launch your chatbot on your own website or send your users a link to our platform.


Gain insight into the learning process.

After launching your bot you can gain insight into the learning process of your users using real time data. This way you can see what your users are doing and what they need. Using this data you can also improve and optimize the use of your chatbot continuously.

Build your own chatbot. Everybody can do it.