Chatbot Nina was developed in the corona crisis to support final exam students. It turned out to be a great success.

Sjanne de Haan, project manager, says: “We know that every exam year looks the same: you have test weeks, oral exams and your final exam. Moreover, we heard from a student panel that there was a need for good learning strategies.” Combine these needs and chatbot Nina was a reality.

Sure to succeed

“Nina is the alter ego of a vlogger who helped students pass their exams on Youtube. As GenZ’s stress curve can be quite short, this proved to be a good solution.”

The chatbot was also used in the corona crisis as an aid for the book ‘Zeker Slagen! Because of the success of Nina on the website, ThiemeMeulenhoff has decided to put the chatbot on the front page of This way even more students can be helped.

Less exam stress

ThiemeMeulenhoff also extracted interesting data from the conversations between Nina and the students. Sjanne: “Our strategy is always relevance; we want to help graduates get their diploma. By combining the data from Nina with those from our website, we can ensure that students experience as little exam stress as possible.”

Curious how ThiemeMeulenhoff plans to use Nina in the future?
Watch the whole conversation between Sjanne and Jaap in the video:


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