Vacency: Project-lead

As a project lead, you ensure that a project is realized from start to finish. That sounds like a given, but what exactly is involved?

First, you bring the scope of the project into focus. You look at the needs of customers and what is possible. Once that is established, you get to work. You make a design, a planning, you ensure that you have the right people for the implementation and that these people also have the necessary information. Most importantly, you are ultimately responsible for the product you deliver. You therefore have the mandate to make decisions and adjust the project where necessary.

There is also plenty of room to take on tasks that you are talented in or want to develop yourself in. Think, for example, of devising a marketing strategy and creating content. Or maybe you get excited about developing team culture and HR strategies? Or maybe you have the ambition to learn how to program and to build a bridge between the tech team and the customer’s wishes in the area of product development?

You see complications as challenges (very cliché, but 100% applicable). In the software world, anything is possible, which means it can also become complex. It is therefore important that you are able to set priorities. You also get energy from maintaining contacts with customers. And you are good at distilling needs from conversations and steering them towards a suitable solution.

  • You are entrepreneurial
  • You have an eye for processes and their optimization or creation
  • You are a spider in the web
  • You are solution oriented
  • You can handle stress well
  • You have a completed hbo/wo education
  • You think it’s cool to work for a fast growing start-up
  • You are a team player and like to pick up some extra tasks!
  • A place in an awesome team that is constantly thinking about how people learn
  • 32 – 40 hours per week
  • A competitive salary
  • 25 days off per year

Do you recognize yourself in the above description? Then we would love to get acquainted!

“Every learning journey needs a conversation”

Helpr operates in the realm where education and conversation come together. We know how coaching helps people get ahead, but that coaching is often expensive, time consuming and not scalable. We therefore develop microlearnings, called Conversational Learning by us. Helpr has developed a platform specifically for this domain: Learnflow. The dialogues we create with it simulate real learning conversations and have one goal: make people learn better!

Who are our Helprs and what drives us?

We are down to earth, ambitious and have a crazy passion for education and behavior change. We want to make an impact on how people learn with our new form of education (Conversational Learning).

Do you see room for improvement or do you have refreshing ideas about this? Great, share it with us! That is the critical attitude we are looking for. You will be working in a team where equality and participation are self-evident. We work hard, but there is also a lot to laugh about. And making a mistake means we can learn from it: it helps us to become better!

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