Want to work at Helpr?

Working at Helpr is working in a team with a passion for innovation and learning. We started from education with an idea to automate repetitive tasks. We tested many applications to support our vision. That didn’t always want to work out.

We wanted something better, something we could easily adapt ourselves. We are also a bit stubborn, as is often the case in education. So we decided to develop our own software. The result: an educational software company with a focus on innovation, automating coaching, learning by doing and always being ahead of the rest.

But to innovate you have to grow! That’s why we might be looking for you. We need people who are headstrong, get excited about innovation, take ownership of their own production and have an entrepreneurial mindset. Interested? Read on to see what vacancies we have open. React, have a cup of coffee with us, and let’s see if we match!


Educational Conversational Copywriter

As an educational conversational copywriter, you translate clients’ learning goals into learning conversations for users. You write dialogue scripts for educational chatbots and offer users a refreshing way of (micro) learning. The goal is that users are coached to the maximum in their learning process. So you don’t just create learning conversations, you think at a high level about how we get the end-users maximally ‘engaged’, how we achieve the highest possible learning efficiency and reach learning goals with this interactive conversation!

Project lead

As a project lead, you ensure that a project is realized from start to finish. That sounds like a given, but what exactly is involved?

First, you bring the scope of the project into focus. You look at the needs of customers and what is possible. Once that is established, you get to work. You make a design, a planning, you ensure that you have the right people for the implementation and that these people also have the necessary information. Most importantly, you are ultimately responsible for the product you deliver. You therefore have the mandate to make decisions and adjust the project where necessary.

There is also plenty of room to take on tasks that you are talented in or want to develop yourself in. Think, for example, of devising a marketing strategy and creating content. Or maybe you get excited about developing team culture and HR strategies? Or maybe you have the ambition to learn how to program and to build a bridge between the tech team and the customer’s wishes in the area of product development?

Back-end Developer

The tech team currently consists of Erik, Enzo and Olivier, with them you’ll be at the foundation of Helpr and building on the development team. We are down to earth, ambitious and all have a crazy passion for education and behavior change. We want to make an impact on how people learn with a new form of education (a combination of microlearnings and dialogue).