“Helpr offers a unique product,” says Frederique de Roos, e-learning producer at VVCR Prodrive. In 2020, the driver training specialist launched a successful partnership with Helpr for the development of a learning chatbot”.

“VVCR Prodrive provides road safety solutions for companies with fleets of vehicles. We have also been providing face-to-face driving training for more than 25 years. For example, for the fire brigade and the national government. Here, we can go into more depth, but this is often a one-off training course. Road safety and the behavioural change that goes with it requires a continuous process.”

Conversational learning

That’s where Helpr’s expertise comes in handy. “You offer something we didn’t know: a conversational learning chatbot. Instead of multiple-choice questions that you often see in e-learning, this is a much more versatile product; the user not only gets practical tips about traffic safety, but also tips on how to adapt your driving behaviour. They are not only informed, but also activated.

More fun learning with a chatbot

VVCR Prodrive clients who have already worked with the learning bot are more than satisfied: “We noticed that clients felt the need to be advised at a higher level and this is a great way to test whether users, such as couriers, have sufficient knowledge. Customers are very enthusiastic, after the training they really feel they have learned something. They say that the learning bot also makes learning much more fun. And more personal. For example, the bot first asks the user how long he has worked for a company. The personal attention and interest in the end user is very positive; it shows that you can be in their world.

Unieke interactive

She continues: “The end user can also ask the chatbot questions. And what also makes the interaction unique: the data we get from the interactions. Sometimes the answers you don’t expect are much more interesting than if you put answers in the user’s mouth through multiple-choice questions, for example; it tells a lot more about driving behaviour.”

Then enthusiastically: “We also get great new tips on driving behaviour from the participants themselves. That is so valuable because you can then switch back. I also notice that a lot of customers are interested as a result: what can we learn from this?”

Fréderique is clear about VVCR Prodrive’s ambition: “Companies with car fleets often have high costs and burdens due to damage caused by accidents, and our aim is not only to reduce the damage but also to improve road safety in the Netherlands. Our ultimate goal is to have zero work-related road deaths.” 

Microlearning with Helpr

She is looking forward to continuing the fruitful collaboration with Helpr: “In the future we would like to move from long training sessions to micro-learnings, shorter training sessions. We are very aware of how people use media. The attention span is short, which is why we now want to develop short training sessions which the user does three times a month. That way they are activated again and again; people are consistently engaged. And we’re going to do that with Helpr. We jumped on the bandwagon together, we are growing fast. You really think along, have a personal approach to service. I wouldn’t want to do this with any other company!”


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