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Our educational chatbots give your teachers time and space for their lessons.

We all know that there is a gigantic shortage of teachers. Both in the Netherlands and in other countries. This shortage will only increase in the coming years. Especially after the COVID-19 crisis. This is not just a problem in primary and secondary education, higher education is also affected. It has a big impact on all education.

  • Many burnouts among current teachers.
  • Less reason for potential teachers to apply.
  • Hundreds of classes a year that cannot be taught.

This means that many students, both now and in the future, are not well prepared for higher education.

Chatbots are very effective for supporting learning. They can be used anywhere. A chatbot can work on a web page, within an LMS, during e-learning and on many more channels. Don’t stay behind the times. Discover below what our chatbots can do for you!

How our bots improve your education


Our chatbots provide small learning units (nuggets) in line with learners’ attention spans.

Self-directed learning

During the dialogue with the chatbot, users personally take charge of their own learning process. From the diagnosis of learning needs to the evaluation of learning performance.

Step-by-step explanation

Our chatbots answer questions and explain the topic in a clear and concise manner.

Learning Analytics

We provide learning insights for teachers to see what is going well and what is not going well with his/her students. This way the teacher knows what questions are often asked and what students are good at.

Always available

Our high-energy chatbots are available to their users 24/7. They don’t have to eat or sleep!

Learn when it is needed

Our chatbots adapt to the needs of your learners. Checks the level of the users and provides an explanation that the user understands.

For primary and secondary education

Say hello to STU!

STU is our study skills tutor. He focuses on the learning process so you can focus on your class. He can provide tutoring on how to plan a test, study with flashcards, create a summary, and much more!

Customized chatbot

Each course has repeated questions. “How does gravity work?”, “When do you use a d or a t?”, “When was the French Revolution?”. Our chatbots can answer these repetitive questions. Want to know how? Check out our custom made chatbots!

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For higher education

STU for students

STU is our study supervisor. He will focus on the learning process so students are better equipped for tests. He can provide tutoring on how to plan a test, study with flashcards, create a summary, and much more!

Customized chatbot

Are you inundated with questions about campus, what to study for tests, what material is important etcetera? Then check out our customized chatbots! Save time and manpower. We provide the answers for you!

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Want a good workshop for a study day?

Build your own chatbot!

new born chatbot