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Addressing societal challenges, educating public servants or automating tedious processes. Our bots do it all.

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Our chatbots help the government. And what helps government, helps all of us.

Governing requires adaptability, thoroughness and professionalism. Qualities that every civil servant wants to show. For that, you also need to be innovative. That’s how you can make the governing process faster and easier and minimize response times.

Chatbots are good at all of these functions. They are the perfect intern for any government official. They help the government. And what helps the government, helps all of us.

Because chatbots are so versatile and easy to implement, every branch of government can benefit from chatbots as a workforce.

Our chatbots can take over tedious tasks and combine all kinds of information to make administration better and more efficient.

But that’s not all. Our chatbots can even address social problems in a clear and quick way. Take, for example, our Study Choice chatbot Dean. Dean helps students choose the right study for them, drawing from a variety of data sources to provide students with jobs they love:

Gemeente Diemen

“There is a lot of information about studies and professions. Yet many young people struggle to make a smart school choice. The Dean Studychatbot gives young people inspiration and information. It gives them an indication of whether the profession in the future will be (partly) taken over by robots.

With the results of the chatbot dialogue, young people can register directly for an open day together with their parent(s) or supervisor, such as compulsory education officer and youth worker.

As a municipality, we hope that this preventive solution can ultimately contribute to reducing the mismatch between education and the labor market: This starts with making a smart study choice!”

Martijn Alderse Baas (Municipality Diemen)

Our chatbots as public servants

Dialogue on any topic

Questions about the policy? Directions? Municipal issues? Our chatbots can make any dialogue possible.

For citizens and officials

Our chatbots can answer both citizens’ frequently asked questions and officials’ questions. They can also support officials in their tasks!

Always available

Our chatbots are available 24/7 to everyone.

No hassle

Our chatbots can be put to work on any site or app. We handle it. No problem!

Which chatbot is right for you?

Say hello to Dean

Dean is our college choice buddy. He helps students find the right study using a personality test to find appropriate jobs and programs in the area. Dean knows which jobs are likely to disappear in the future. He guides you to the right job. Easy!

Customized chatbot

There are a million ways chatbots can help every branch of government. (Look here for inspiration) From answering policy questions from officials, citizens’ questions, training your staff or any other case you can think of!

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