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Chatbots for Education

Because every learning journey needs a conversation.

Helpr automates coaching with AI-powered educational chatbots. Enhance your education and save valuable time. Hassle free, made for you by educational experts.

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What our educational chatbots do for you

It saves educators' time

Any question answered by our chatbot is a question an educator doesn't have to answer.

It enhances learning

Practice conversational skills, writing or many other things with our chatbot. They're an addition to any course!

Learning Analytics

Easily see what questions learners have and how to improve your learning. Gather feedback and more.

Why you should work with us

We're educators

Helpr is rooted in education. We were frustrated by education being held back by time constraints and unnecessary repetition. That's why our chatbots work: They're made with one goal in mind - enhancing education.

We'll handle it

Ever tried chatbot platforms? You'll invest hours and hours into making a chatbot. And the result is usually... meh. We know, we've been there. That's why we'll take that out of your hands. We're here for educators, companies and learning experts. Find out what we can do for you below!

API & Chat UI

Our chatbots aren't picky. Use our adaptable chat interface or integrate the chatbot in your own learning platform, thanks to our API!

No hassle

Creating chatbots yourself is a huge time investment. And there's no telling if your bot works well. We know what we're doing. Save time & money by having us build it for you!

Learning experts

We are rooted in education. That's why we are a unique combination of learning expertise and chatbot expertise. Got an educational problem to solve? We speak your language!

A solution for any learning journey

Need students to learn a specific skill? Sure! Do you want a mini-me to answer repetitive questions for you? We got you! Have a totally different scenario? Tell us! We'll help!

Our Products

STU standing in a classroom
Stu - Study Skills Assistant

Let your students master any studying skill, improve their learning success, reduce stress, improve learning results and gather valuable analytics, all in one chatbot! Available in Dutch and English.

Custom Made Chatbots

Want to enhance your courses?
Want to answer student questions 24/7?
Want to automate learning steps?
We'll build the perfect educational assistant for your use case. Available in Dutch and English.

Dean standing in an office space
Dean - Study Choice Bot

Dean knows how to connect a study with actual jobs. He's a one-stop-shop for your study choice needs: Figure out what job you'd like, if it has enough opportunities for you in the future and more! Available in Dutch.

What people say about Helpr

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This application can be used while the student is studying at home, or in class. Students get an answer 'just in time'. The student does not have to wait for the teacher to answer a question. Teachers are also relieved because frequently asked questions can be answered automatically.

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With the results of the chatbot dialogue, young people can immediately sign up for an open day together with their parent(s) or supervisor. As a municipality, we hope that this preventive solution contributes to reducing the mismatch between education and the labour market.

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Our 2 year collaboration has resulted in chatbots dedicated to education that really work well and deliver learning profit. The coming years we will keep partnering with Helpr to support teachers and learners with effective and innovative learning solutions.